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Saturday’s Closing Call

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Week Six

Behind the Scenes and Addressing Stuff
A little behind the scenes ofย us addressing an issue ๐Ÿ™‚

The Inconvenience of Being in the Right
This video will make more sense if you watch the video above (Behind the Scenes and Addressing Stuff) first.

Let Life do the Work

Negotiating with Life
Will make more sense you watch Let Life do the Work first ๐Ÿ™‚

The Balance of Neutral


The Importance of the Field

Week Five

Addressing stuff that you can’t quite get to

Update: How to process your stuff when it isn’t live

The Spirit’s job and the Ego’s job

When we collapse in on ourselves


The place that we come from

Nature and Personas

Spirited Time Management

Stopping at the first hurdle

Spirit and Silence

Week Four

We are loving the course!

The Relating Container (and what happened when we changed ours)

Mirrors and Cameras

Being Special

Clearing a Relationship Field

Where do you relate from? (from call)

Week Three Meditations (note these are audios and not videos!)


Feeling Not Wrong

Camp Fire Clearout

Review of Week Two and coming into Week Three

Coming Back to Sovereignty

How to Address Your Stuff

What the first week has been like for us

Review of Week One and coming into Week Two