I’m Avanti Shivpuri and my mission is to bring spirituality off the mountain top and into everyday life.

avantiaboutI want to live in a world where we know ourselves to the union of spirit and human, form and non-form, and for the human to enjoy their spirit as much as the spirit enjoys its humanness. I’ve been a healer for over twenty years and by healer I mean intrepid explorer into the dark corners of the human psyche, gently exposing and releasing the conditioning that keeps us tied to our worn out patterns that show up in our relationships, our work lives, our health or wherever else they can be sure to get our attention. If we don’t listen to the whispers, the shouts will be inevitable.

It all began when I realized that connecting with other people’s spirits was as natural to me as connecting with my own and that I could experience their lives just as they do but from a wider perspective. I’m a great person to turn to when the trees hide the wood.

I’d always been intuitive, but this capacity transformed into full on, know everything about everyone, psychicness when I was pregnant at the age of 28. It was awful. I did my very best to squash this ability, had loads of other jobs but eventually made a deal with the universe to only give me information that I could pass on. That was a massive relief and since then life has been much easier. I have been doing 1-to-1 sessions with clients on the phone for well over a decade now. I love my work because I get to hang out every day with my very favourite thing, human consciousness. Our work together is not like going to see Madame Rosa on the pier. I’m not a fortune teller or a counsellor. Instead, you bring what ails you and we get to the bottom of it in what feels like a very human and ordinary way, like talking to a friend who also has access to your spirit. It often takes just one session to get the issue sorted. I will sit in the energy of the issue and find out what it has to say. As a rule of thumb, if it’s coming up, it is generally ready to be released. I tune into your own intuition and reflect back to you what you have to say to yourself.

Everything has an energy. Our work together is to clear the energies which are no longer helpful for you by meeting them head on. This is true healing.

I have worked with thousands of people over the years, helping them to gain insights into themselves and their worlds, whilst getting to the roots of what sits in their systems. Things remain stuck in us until they are resolved, whether from our own life experiences, our karma, or our genetic bloodlines. They are often not the big deal we might imagine them to be, regardless of how dramatically they show up in our lives. They are simply unresolved and are looking for resolution. There may have been a specific moment where you turned away from yourself in order to gain love and approval from the people around you. It may be something that happened to a great-great-great grandparent that got buried because they didn’t have the tools back then to address it. We have those tools now, and we live in an extremely fluid and flexible time. If it’s coming up, it can be addressed.