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avantiwwmYou want to live your best life and to clear anything in your system that is holding you back. You expect your work to enhance your life and don’t tend to live solely within societal norms. You know how to eat well (even if you don’t always do so), you know your homeopathy from acupuncture and are willing to focus your energy on improving your life. You’re no puritan. You know that life is for living and you’re keen to get on with it.

Chances are you’re rather self aware, on a journey of self discovery, you’ve come outside the box and live in a world that you are creating. Many areas of your life are a source of joy, and you’d like more of that, please.

You might be the kind of person that people come to for help and advice, and you’re really good at giving it. But where do you go when you need help? What do you do with those little parts of yourself that you don’t show to the world? What do you do with that voice that tells you that things could be better?

You might have tried various modalities of healing, you might even be a therapist yourself. You have probably overcome obstacles and have learnt from them and are willing to live your life in accordance with who you really are, since you’ve found out the hard way that trying to do anything else really hasn’t worked for you.

If you have ever wished that there was someone who could do for you, what you do for others, we might be a good match. I am the healers’ healer, the person that people at the top of their tree come to when they need help and guidance. When we work together, there is no separation.

I feel as if I am you, and have access to your intuition, guidance and areas of expertise. It feels as if I know you as well as you know yourself and the guidance that comes through me is your deepest knowing coming out of my mouth.

Whether it’s general guidance, or specific issues, if you’re looking for clarity or support in your life, have a look around this site and take what is helpful. If you’re looking advice that is tailor made just for you, get in touch and let’s book you in for a session.

I work on Skype (without the image), or on Zoom where the call can be recorded (also without the image) so that you can be perfectly relaxed, in the comfort of your own home to help the issue we’re working with to unfold at its own pace so that we can get to the root of it, and so release it from your system. If you want to be kept in the loop sign up for my mailing list to receive monthly newsletters and be updated whenever I have a new insight, exercise or idea that is worth sharing.


If you are here because someone has recommended that you have a session with me, this would be the one they were talking about. I have been doing these sessions for over fifteen years now, where we take our time and let your system’s intelligence lead the way, allowing us to get to the roots and clear any issue that you are ready to release.

The session will take anything up to four hours, so choose a time when you will be able to feel comfortable and unrushed. You can bring anything you like to the session, if it’s of concern to you, I’m happy to look at it, but my greatest area of expertise is in going underneath the layers of the obvious, to be with your being and to address the unresolved issues that sit in your system. Each hour seems to last about 20 minutes, the time goes fast.

We will be working in partnership, with you rather than on you. We will be accessing you through a different dimension where change can easily take place if you are ready and open to it.

up to 4 hours (depending on your need) £290
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Mini Session

This one is great if you are very clear about one specific thing you’d like us to look at or if you’d like some guidance about a decision you need to make between two specific things. It’s also a good session if what you want to look at is who you are, what is natural to you. Sometimes it can be hard to tell as you’re so up close to yourself!

In a mini session I am likely to tell you what you could do to help yourself, and to point you in the right direction, rather than doing it all with you. These sessions are best if you are wanting to look at more practical areas of your life, rather than diving into your depths.

These sessions will last up to 2 hours.

up to 2 hours £175
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Disclaimer: A session with Avanti involves working with energy and consciousness. It is not a replacement for medical treatment. Please consult a qualified doctor or physician in addition to any alternative treatments you may use.

The small print: All sessions must be paid for in advance or on the day. Should you need to cancel or postpone your session, if you let me know within two full working days (ie, Monday-Friday) you will not incur any charge, and any payment already made will be refunded or used against a new session to be taken within three months. Cancellations or postponements made with less than two full days notice will incur a 50% charge.

Contra-indications: As our work together is to get to the heart of the matter, if you are currently taking medication to suppress your issues, it is possible that what you are suppressing may break through and so I would suggest waiting until you are ready to address what is there before booking a session with me. Use of recreational drugs is not a contra-indication as long as you are not using them at the time of our session.