I don’t have time to listen to the calls.

All the calls and healings will be recorded and made available soon after for you to listen to when it suits you, and we can catch you up energetically as well.


I don’t have time to give my spiritual life my attention right now.

This offering is much less about time and much more about focus, intention and orientation. We know that we are offering a full, bountiful buffet of calls, healings and Q&As, and realise that most people will not be available to attend everything. In fact, we expect that we will be the only people to attend everything!


So rather than thinking about this as a time commitment, we encourage you to think of it as an orientation and intention commitment. If you want help and support to live from your spirit, and release what’s in your way, then we’d love for you to join us.


I haven’t enjoyed doing online courses before.

If you haven’t enjoyed doing online courses before, we know what you mean. Nor have we! We find nothing spiritual about gazing at a computer screen. As we see it, spirituality is a one player game that can be played alongside other players, and it is really about connecting with yourself. That you are not in our physical proximity actually makes it easier for us to work with your spirit outside of time and space. The calls will invite you to listen with your eyes closed and to bring your focus into yourself. There is no substitute, no matter how many useful tools you have, for self engagement. 


Whilst the content will be delivered online, the context – the holding and healing – are energetic and take place through the ethers.


I’m not very good with technology.

If you are something of a technophobe, we completely understand. You will need a computer for this course, but you don’t need to be able to do much more than engage with Facebook and send emails! We will ensure that joining us on the live calls requires little more than a click or two.


I know Avanti, but don’t know Jade.

Yes, again we can understand this. Jade is the person that Avanti turns to when she’s forgotten everything she knows. Jade has a natural healing ability and has done years of courses herself as well as attending silent retreats. You can read Avanti’s perspective on Jade here.


Do I need to have worked with Avanti before?

Not at all.


Do I have to commit to the whole six weeks?

Yes, but it’s not about committing to our course, it’s about committing to your own spirit. Hopefully forever more!


You may notice that the way you commit and engage varies throughout the six weeks, in alignment with what you need and what’s going on in your life. The skill is to listen to yourself rather than trying to be a ‘good’ student and do everything.


We would also encourage you to use the course in the way that you need it. If you’ve got a lot on your plate use the course as a support, resource and something to rest into. If you’re calendar is totally clear for the whole six weeks, use it as a deep-dive retreat. 


I’m not very sociable, will I have to engage with other members of the group

In the facebook group you can engage as much or as little as you wish, and the calls will be designed for you to engage deeply with yourself.


I’m not in the UK, will time zones be a problem?

They might be in terms of listening to the live calls, but we’ll record them. In terms of us holding you and offering energetic support, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.


Is this crazy woowoo?

If you feel that listening to your spirit is in conflict with who you are, then it might sound a bit woowoo. If the notion of you and your spirit hanging out feels natural to you then it’ll be more woo-hoo than woowoo!


I’m new to spirituality, will this be too advanced?

Everything will be down to earth and assimilable, and in spiritual terms, beginners mind is often the best place to begin. There are no spiritual ‘qualifications’ needed, just a sincere desire to connect with yourself.


I’ve been around the spiritual block several times, will this course be too basic?

If you are already living a spirited life that is in alignment with who you are, then you don’t need us. If not, then this isn’t about your ‘qualifications’ or who you’ve read it’s about your lived experience of having your life made out of you. Not a course for scholars, it’s about embodying your life in a real and practical way.


I’m not very sensitive – will I be able to feel anything and will it work on me?

Last time we ran the course many people were pleasantly surprised to find that even though they don’t normally feel energy they could feel the holding and the healings, so you may be surprised!


But even if you don’t feel anything you will still get the benefits of the holding and healing and will notice the benefits showing up in your life.


Conversely, I’m very sensitive, will this be overwhelming?

If you are very sensitive and it starts to feel too much, let us know and we can tone it down for you! Additionally you have the option of coming out of the holding if you need a breather, and can regulate the intensity too. When we clear issues from your system, we clear them from the group field as well, so no one picks up other people’s stuff.


I’m teaching/facilitating groups/doing energy work during the course. Will that be an issue?

Not at all. When you join we ask you to let us know if there are any dates or times that we need to pay extra attention to, be it when you need extra support, or when you need to come out of the field to create your own if you are facilitating a course yourself.

A bit like when the postman leaves your delivery by the door (or behind a bin!) if you’re not in. We’ll deliver the healing but if you don’t want it right then it will be waiting for you when you’re ready.


With endless love

Avanti and Jade xxx