I’ve got a brainwave

Actually we all have brainwaves. All the time. And in the interests of spiritual meets science, I’ve just been and gone and had mine measured.

I’ve often wondered what was happening inside my head while I’m working with you, and now I know. Turns out that large portions of my brain are asleep. And not just any old sleep, but deep, deep, dreamless, dead to the world, sleep. Even when I’m just living my life there is a strong predominance of delta brainwaves in play, but when I’m working they go into overdrive, along with an increase in the theta waves as well.

When Christina, the practitioner who was doing the measuring, saw how asleep my brain was, naturally she was concerned. In a walking, talking sense it means that my mind is unfocussed, I forget things, I’m not great at admin and A.D.D. style, just tend to do what’s in front of me, rather than doing what I’d planned to do.

I left her office feeling like there was something wrong that needed attention. As soon as I got home and began exploring the role of our brainwaves in our lives, things began to fall into place. With such a huge amount of delta waves in play, it would be expected that I’d be completely unfocussed, and yet when I’m working with you, I feel hyper focused. It’s like I’m between worlds and have access to that which cannot normally be accessed.

I’ve long been aware that it’s easier for me to ‘look’ into your world when I close down as much stimuli as possible. I prefer to work remotely on the phone or if on skype, without the imagery. The less stimulation the clearer my perception. A high proportion of delta brainwaves is associated with psychics, yogis, meditators and babies. The literature says that as we age, we often don’t even often get into the delta waveband in our deepest levels of sleep.

It seems to me that when I am awake, and yet with large parts of my brain asleep I am able to tap into life beyond the physical world. Thoughts, beliefs and emotions feel like something tangible, as if they have weight. I can feel what you feel like on the inside, what your partner feels like to you and can help you to clear the energetic blocks that might lie in between who you really are and how you express yourself in the world.

I’ve been doing this for years anyway, measurement or no measurement, and whilst there is of course value in improving my brain’s patterns so that I stop leaving my swimsuit in the shower at the gym for example, it’s beyond exciting for me to know that when we’re working, I go into a delta state from which I can access information that is not accessible within the usual confines of the mind.

What a bloody great use of science.

If you are interested in getting your brainwaves measured, or would like to increase the elasticity of your brain, check out Christina’s work here. And if you have any understanding about the role our brainwaves have in our lives, please do leave your comments below. I’d be delighted to explore this fascinating subject further.