Foundation Course – Day One – Enlivening and Resting

Hello and welcome to the first day of the course, where you are going to spend the week living with your spirit.

Today is all about enlivening and rest; enlivening your spirit and then resting into it.

So press play on the video below, or if your internet isn’t cooperating see the the written guide below.

When you were born you were full of spirit, in fact you weren’t much else, but at some point you would have started putting your spirit away. Maybe the other kids said you couldn’t play with them, or you were told off for doing what came naturally, so you started to hide.

Well we don’t want that anymore! And the first exercise is designed to enliven your spirit and give you something to rest into.

The very first thing is to simply set up a practice of allowing yourself to receive. There can be a strong tendency for our energy to go outwards, we are constantly urged to engage with something or someone outside of ourselves.

Our arms are part of the heart chakra’s circuit, and without even realising it, energy often flows out of us through our hands. So we’re going to use that same system to bring ourselves in.

Start by rubbing your hands together (really go for it!) to generate some energy, then bring your hands together and see if you can feel that energy you’ve just created.

Next, allow the energy to move your hands far apart until your arms are stretched out.

Let the energy flow out through our hands, as if we were healing the air. Just let it flow naturally out of you.

Now, let’s reverse the direction of the flow, as if the traffic changed direction, and allow yourself to come home, back into you and your heart. All the energy that was going out is now coming back into you. Breathe it downwards to your belly and then your feet.

Bask in your own essense as if instead of sunbathing, you were YOU-bathing. Breath yourself in, allowing this energy to enter through your skin, and to enliven every cell in your body.

For today, think of your body as the temple for your spirit. Long ago we used to think of the body as being sacred, but we forget. Today let’s remember.

When you feel like you have brought in as much self as you want, when you feel full, begin to allow your spirit to be around you. You don’t need to keep it locked up inside your heart out of fear that it will be denied or rejected in the world. Even if your connection to your spirit isn’t strong, your spirit is super strong.

For today, allow yourself to sit within the cosy armchair of your spirit, let it be around your body as well as inside it. It wants nothing more than to live life with you, in whatever capacity best suits you.

It is not your spirit that would ever criticize or berate you. It doesn’t in anyway think that you’re not enough. Today, if you have any undermining thoughts, remind yourself that they don’t come from your spirit.

The other tool I’d like to offer you for today, is simply to look into your own eyes for half a minute. Just look and see what you feel. Do you feel yourself looking back? What do you find is looking through your eyes?

This is a powerful tool, and it’s amazing how little we actually look in our eyes. We can get to know someone else by looking in their eyes, so let’s take some time to look into our own and see what we find.

Do these exercises as often as you’d like throughout the day, they shouldn’t take more than 30-60 seconds each so use them as much as you’d like.

Sending love to the very essence of your being until tomorrow.

Avanti and Jade xxx