Week Five

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And welcome to week 5, You are an Eco-system.

This week we begin to bring things together as you get ready to fly the nest. We will be talking about how absolutely everything is connected, how everything is created out of the energy that came before it and why it’s wise to do one’s housekeeping before moving on.

To help you to engage with this week, you might like to ponder these questions:

Many of our issues are created because we didn’t or couldn’t address things at the time. Are there any key elements for you when you had to turn away from, or leave yourself behind in order to be able to cope with your life? This may have been in childhood, or because you were bullied, or in order to keep the peace in a relationship for example. We would like to reinstate you at this point.

If there is, or has been, a situation in your life that you are not happy with, can you retrace your steps and see how you got there? It often happens in small steps.

And on the other side of the coin, can you recall the feeling, maybe as a child, or whilst doing something that you love, where you are completely and freely yourself? Maybe it’s while dancing, or when making love, listening to music, or drinking tea. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but when do you feel most truly yourself? See if you can feel this same feeling simply by recalling it.

Also this week, we will invite you to leave the nest, have a fly around and then come back. This will help you to see if there is anything pressing that still wants to be addressed before we let you go.

We will continue with the ‘morning quickie’ healings from 9am-9:30am UK time from Tuesday – Friday.

The hour long healings this week will be:

Wednesday 8th at 6pm UK time and

Sunday 12th at 11am UK time.

Also, as there have a been a few requests to know the dates and times in advance, here is the info for Week 6 too.

Week 6 morning healings will continue from 9am Tuesday-Friday

Hour long healing – Thursday 16th at 6pm UK time

On Saturday 18th the course will end (so soon?!) and we will have an hour long call to close the group. This will be at 11am UK time and we’ll give you the info in next’s week’s email and page too, so don’t worry about having to remember.

If you’re unable to make it also don’t worry as it will be recorded and uploaded like the Monday calls.

Hello! The call was a bit longer than normal and the file is now too big to upload in the normal way, so Spreaker to the rescue! This is so that you can listen to it now and online, tomorrow our tech guy will set it up so you can download it too.

So for this week, here’s the recording on Spreaker 🙂

Healings from the call

First Meditation – Seeing the Eco-System

Healing at the end – Harmonising the Eco-System

Healing Recaps

Tuesday 7th June

Today’s healing felt gentle to me, like spraying the eco-system with water to keep everything nourished. Very heart oriented. And then there was a movement of reorientation, as if viewing life from the perspective of our spirit rather than spirit from the perspective of our human.

Can you feel both today?

What is looking through your eyes?

Wednesday 8th June

This morning’s healing focussed on updating the group field and your personal eco-systems.

With the group field, the love is still there, and on top of that there is now the feeling of HOME. It reminded me of an English stately home with a roaring fire and an aga in the kitchen. A place one could always return to have receive a joyous welcome. Very grounded and stable.

With your personal systems, we have helped them to remember to course correct on a moment by moment basis, and to allow your nature to be getting the better of your conditioning. For example if your eco-system had loads of scrap metal in it, your nature would grow around and through it, and the rust would be swept away with the rains.

To help orientate yourself, let yourself centre around love, what you love, that you love, that love exists even when we don’t feel it, just as the sun is always there even when the clouds are in the way so we don’t see it.

Let yourself notice the shift in the field and use it as stability to grow from. If there is security, you can jump higher.