Week Four

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Week Four is about a subject I’m sure you’re keen to get started on (drum role please)…..relationships!

We will be looking at relationships in general, but with a focus on the intimate relationships in your life, with the aim being to find what authentic and joyful relating feels like to you and bringing more of that to your life.

The main topics emerging for the call are:

  • Your relationship with your parents and the impact on your relationships
  • How you navigate your relationships and where this comes from
  • The role of the container and context of your relationships
  • Having yourself before you can share yourself

If you would like to feel into the topic before the call, you might like to ponder:

What your relationship is/was like with your parents and if you see any similarities in your intimate relationships. Also keep an eye out for the good things that came from your parents as it can be so easy to only focus on the bad!

How do you get your needs met in a relationship? Do you ask clearly for what you want, or have you learnt that you need to find roundabout ways of getting your needs met?

What’s the container like for your relationships? By this we mean that when you’re in a relationship there’s you, the other person and the container within which the relationship takes place. Do the containers of your relationships feel strong and solid, or weak and flimsy or non-existant?

Which part of you is getting its needs met in the relationship? The child in you might be getting their needs met, for example, but the grown up isn’t.

The Call
*Please note that with Zoom we have to use a new link/URL for each call, so the one from last week won’t work this week*

To join using your internet browser click here

Dial: +44 (0) 20 3695 0088 (UK number)
Meeting ID: 447 815 409
International numbers available here 

To join using the app you will need to open it and enter the Meeting ID: 447 815 409

We will continue with the ‘morning quickie’ healings from 9am-9:30am UK time from Tuesday – Friday.

The hour long healings this week will be:

Thursday 2nd at 6pm UK time and

Sunday 5th at 11am UK time.

Audio of call (download to come)

Week Four audio

Healing Recaps

Tuesday 31st May

Happy Tuesday lovelies,

This morning’s healing was all about your nervous system; filling in any gaps or pits that have developed and then calming and soothing it.

We actually found it worked best for us to hold the space and invite your nervous systems to repair themselves, so this one was all you! 🙂

We felt your nervous systems repair themselves, and also told your nervous system that it is able to do this and can do so in the future (you might need to wait until you’re calm/go to sleep, and then have the intention or focus to repair itself).

We also felt like it was repairing itself from the strong clearness that you are now after having strong and healthy babies, so it should feel even better than new.

This week we are going to be working with the heart and softening, and that also started today.

Wednesday 1st June

In today’s healing we adjusted the field to LOVE. You’ll notice if you feel into it that it feels like it’s made of love now, and around you it will have a flavour of the love that is personalised to you.

We noticed with a few of you that it wasn’t so easy to allow love in, for various reasons, so I’d like to invite you to know that it is there, in and around you, and to notice, when you go to allow it to permeate you, if there is something that stops you from doing so. If there is, please sit with this something, and find out what it is.

This is likely to be an important thing, so I encourage you all to engage with this exercise. xx

Thursday 2nd June

Good morning lovelies,

In today’s healing we spruced up the group field, like giving it a dusting and opening the windows.

We also adjusted your personal fields to best support you and your current needs, so it should feel extra you today!

We put down Simone, Jo and Catherine down – not completely and we are still here if you want us to hold you more. Felt like going on your first independent holiday but with family friends nearby, so you have space to stretch but support is around.

Lots of love xxxx