Week One

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Hello boys and girls!

Welcome to the first week of the course! Yippee!

This week is all about Enlivening and Resting; enlivening your spirit and resting into it.


Audios for Healings

We have recorded two short audios for the healings that you receive through out the week. One is for the morning healing, and another is for the hour long ones. You don’t have to listen to them if you would prefer not to, and they are here to support and guide you should you want them.

Morning Healing

If you would like to download this file, click here and you will have the option on the next page to do so.


One Hour Healing

And if you would like to download this file, click here and you will have the option to do so.

Lots and lots of love,

Avanti and Jade xxx

Recap of Sunday 15th Healing

This felt like a closing of the newborn stage and entering into being a toddler.

We spent a lot of time truly welcoming you and giving you a space to pour yourself in. We’re posting a video of Avanti meeting her grandson Jax for the first time, as he really pours himself into her. As you watch the video see if you can feel yourself as the baby being welcomed and received.

We had a very strong sense of how parents can be not that present with their babies – focusing on something else whilst breastfeeding their baby for example – so we were very aware to give your baby the focus, love and care it needed.

We also gently cleared remaining baby trauma from your system. It felt like after being in the group field for a week that the trauma cleared quite gently, and more than being a big, emotional clearing it just felt like making more space for your spirit.

As we started entering into the stage, you as a toddler, we felt you as being strong, vibrant, bouncing toddlers. The time spent with your core as a newborn has grown into an inner strength and confidence as a toddler.

We really felt you wanting to explore the world – play in the mud, chase the dog, stack the blocks – and how important it is for a toddler to have organic stimulation. If last week we had you in a slightly dark, womb-y room, this week feels like a playroom and nature, full of fun things for a toddler to play with.

The idea of learning as play feels very significant this week so we’d like to invite you to see if you can play this week, and to see stumbling blocks as a play or challenge rather than work.

We also really felt you in your bodies, and feeling secure and at home there. It seems like if we’re not welcomed as a baby it can be hard to feel welcome and at home in your body, and we were really feeling you in your bodies – learning to walk, climbing trees – and starting to feel at home there.

We left you feeling confident and held, and ready to explore!

Lots of love and looking forward to the call tomorrow!