Week Three

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Hello lovely!

Week Three is all about letting go of the belief that you are wrong, that there is something wrong with you and that you are not enough.

So many of our struggles come back to the underlying belief that we are wrong, and as such must twist ourselves out of shape to compensate.

Well not anymore! This week we want to shake off this belief and start joyfully living as and expressing who you are.

If last week had a toddler-ness to it, this week is jumping to the early teenage years where we start exploring and finding out who we are.

Many of us were awkward and angry as teenagers, who rebelled and pushed against what we didn’t like, so this week is an invitation to re-do your teenage years as a happy, secure teenager, who can start to explore who they really are (rather than just what they’re not).

We also anticipate that this week will bring a more subtle quality, where you’ll be feeling the fineness and finesse off who you are.

The Call

The call will be on Monday 23rd May from 7pm – 9pm UK time, you can click on the link in the members area, and the details for the call are below:

To join from your computer click here:

Or Telephone:

    Dial: +44 (0) 20 3695 0088

    Meeting ID: 883 306 242

    International numbers available here

Via the app

Open the app and enter the Meeting ID: 883 306 242

Healings this week

The hour long healings this week will be on:

Wednesday 25th May at 6pm UK time

Saturday 28th May at 8pm UK time

Morning healings will continue from Tuesday – Friday from 9am – 9:30am UK time.

*NOTE* the weekend healing this week is on Saturday (not Sunday)

New audio for healings

We have a new audio for you for the healings! It’s to be used for both the morning and hour long healings and can be found below and here



Healing Recaps

Tuesday 24th May

Today we worked with the group field to ensure the feeling of something beneath you and something behind you as you freely venture forth.

How are you finding the updated group field? To me it feels bright, like a spring day and supportive in a ‘got your back’ kind of way, rather than cosy and nurturing as it felt before.

Wednesday 25th May

Morning healing

This morning’s healing began with simply sending love to the emerging teenage heart.

We saw how the teenage years may have been a bit of a no-mans land for some, between family and social groups, but maybe without a sense of belonging to either. A teenager may not have many layers to them, sort of like a sausage, so if something gets through their skin, it can hurt to the core.

But being a happy, healthy teenager looks pretty straightforwards. You just have to like yourself. It’s about walking tall, standing on your own feet, seeing life from your own perspective.

Today I invite you to be on your own side, love yourself, assume you are fabulous, and notice the aliveness of life. Teens are well equipped for aliveness.

Hour long healing

Goodness me, that was a big one.

We began by working with your throat and solar plexus chakras and clearing residues of lives where you were killed or imprisoned for speaking out.

We ended by leaving each of you with an individual guide or family member that loves you dearly.

And in between we worked on your self care, your willingness to stop and listen to your spirit, your nervous systems, lessening the drama, and offering your system a blue print of easy teenage years, amongst other things.

Something that came up strongly is about your promise to your spirit. It got excited when you signed up for this course and thought it was going to get more attention, so if you are finding it difficult to give it the attention you expected to, I suggest that you promise it something that you can actually do. Maybe 5 minutes in the morning, or regular check-ins with it throughout the day. You may also be finding it hard to avoid noticing your spirit, for some of you, if it’s not getting the attention it expected, it’s giving you a bit of a shake up.

I also want to point you towards noticing “what is sacred?” and invite you to begin to orientate your awareness towards it.

And step through the membrane if it’s there.

Rest now if you can my beauties, a lot just happened there

Thursday 26th May

This morning’s healing was about smoothing out the edges, and bringing bringing peace.

I’m noticing that some of you are feeling overwhelmed with time constraints as your stuff arises.

Please remember that feelings want to be felt, so if you can give them a bit of attention, they will abate. With things like stress/anxiety which can take us into a spin, see if you can use the notion of the fire that we gathered around in the Monday call, to put the anxiety in. This will help your system to know that it is not anxiety, and will give the anxiety a place to go.

Friday 27th May

Hello lovely people,

This morning’s healing focussed a lot on your emotional bodies; clearing them out and making them feel stronger, with the intention that feelings and emotions feel less overwhelming.

We also worked on making it easier for you to drop out of your head and into your body and spirit. The route to do this should feel better signposted, as it were, so do look out for that!

We also spent time giving you more courage to go through the membranes that – much like in my phone story – you might be resisting going through.

And finally, much like how you were given a guide before, you now have *your* spirit as your spirit guide! You looking after you! So when you can see if you can feel into your spirit as your guide.