Week Two


Week Two is shaping up to be all about your stuff; where it came from and letting go of it, so that it is no longer in the way of who you are.

For me (Jade) this realisation changed my life. If you did the free course you’ll have heard Avanti talking about it, and for me it was a total reorientation of my life, and I hope that this week has a similar impact on you in helping you see that you are not your stuff and helping you process and let go of it.

If Week One was all about you as a newborn, think about Week Two as you as a toddler. We’ll be with the time that your identity and sense of “I” really started solidifying and the issues that attached themselves to your forming identity.

It’s shaping up to focus on the development of wants and what happens when they either are ignored and become thwarted or take over and never feel satisfied. We will also be looking at boundaries, both how as a toddler you would have started encountering boundaries in other people, and started developing your own and quite likely having your fledgling boundaries transgressed.

The final theme is the rules and ways of being within the family context that you would have started learning, and what you began to learn was the way to be.

If you would like to start feeling into Week Two, we would suggest you focus on you as a toddler and young child, and see if you can feel how you felt at that age, and ponder:

how your wants were received? Did your parents ignore your wants, did they go overboard trying to meet them? Did you feel you had to manipulate to get your wants met?

what boundaries did you encounter and were yours respected (were you made to sit on Aunt Ethel’s knee for example when you didn’t want to?)

what were the rules in your family and what did you have to do to get your needs met and feel loved? For example did you get your needs met by being good at stuff, or only when you were sick?

Spend as much or as little time and focus on these questions as you want, and do so in the way that feels best to you; you might like to journal them, or ponder them as you’re doing the dishes, or not at all. It’s totally up to you.


We will continue with the ‘morning quickie’ healings from 9am-9:30am UK time from Tuesday – Friday.

The hour long healings will be on:

Wednesday at 6pm UK time and Sunday at 11am UK time.

You have audios for both below to help you get into the healings if you’d like to use them

Morning Healing

If you would like to download this file, click here and you will have the option on the next page to do so.


One Hour Healing

We will also start providing a recap of the healings here so check back to see them during the week.

So much love and we look forward to seeing you on the call, in the Facebook group and in our inboxes,


Avanti and Jade xxxx


Healing Recaps

Tuesday 17th May

Hello Beauties,

During this morning’s healing, I was struck by the way that we exchange our sense of self for our caregiver’s love as toddlers. The love that a mother has the capacity to feel for her child is the closest thing on the planet that I’ve seen to Divine love so it seems such a shame for the child to not know this.

My enquiry today is “who are you little one?”

And this week I invite you to consider what it might feel like to be loved unconditionally. Use the enquiry if it helps.

“What is unconditional love?”

Tuesday 18th May


Hello lovelies,

This morning’s healing was very much about the toddler years and how much life force a toddler has, and how quickly they grow and learn.

We were with the bouncy, bubbly, “squeeeeeee!!!” feeling of you as toddlers.

We were also with how as a toddler your feelings and discomfort might have been passed off as you being ‘shy’, and how sensitive you would have been to the field around you.

We really got the feeling that toddlers and young children often end up processing the unprocessed, and how this can come out as a tantrum or emotional explosion.

We cleared a lot of the ‘shyness’ and discomfort in your systems and left you feeling calm and with yourselves, enjoying your own company and potentially sucking your thumb!

Lots of love,


Hour Long Healing 18th May

This evening’s healing had a particular quality of creating movement in your systems in a myriad of ways.

There was a releasing of structures born out of either fear or labelling, which will increase the feeling of possibility in your life. For example if you were ‘the xxxxxx one’ (clever, stupid, pretty, sporty etc) you will have many more options available to express yourself now.

There was a sense of stress and tension that had formed a feeling of resistance releasing also.

A LOT of release.

What we felt you were left with is a more supple, tensile strength. A strength in your softness from the inside out so there is no need for armouring.

We invite you to enjoy the movements of your body both in the sense of freedom of movement, as well as your bodily functions.

Your toddlers felt like they didn’t want to be put down, but to stay on my hip or to be tucked up cosy and warm in bed.

With reference to the wanting, it would be helpful to begin a dialogue with it. As little ones, we either got what we wanted or we didn’t, but there was rarely any enquiry into the ‘why’ of our wants. It can be helpful to trace it back to its roots.

And finally, for those that were not able to join us during the healing tonight, it is all packaged up in your system, just ready to unfold. So please take a moment to pull the string and let it do so.

Thursday 19th May

This morning’s healing had the sense of an outpouring of tender soothing love, like the 13th fairy, easing everything.

We were with the desire to control the waves, when we cannot, but can only learn to surf them. xx

Friday 20th May

Today’s morning healing felt like defragmenting a computer to notice and make the most of the space that is already there. Today I suggest that you notice the pauses, the spaces within your life. If you stop at the traffic lights, or are waiting for a train, take a moment to enjoy the pause and to lean back into your spirit. xxx

Sunday 22nd May

Hour long healing

Hello my loves,

So with today’s healing we have re-created the group field to be conducive to moving forwards and creating ourselves anew, out of who we are. We have made an annex to the field out of the original holding baby version, so please take yourself into the annex if you want to curl up and be held like an infant, especially as you adjust to the new environment. Part of being a grown up is knowing when you want to be held like a child.

Within the new environment are all the elements of earth, air, fire and water as well as sexuality, passion, creativity, truth, archetypes and dance/movement.

This week will be about learning to balance and to course correct on a moment by moment basis, very much like riding a bike. The trainer wheels are firmly in place and the field is held to support you and to make it easier to maintain balance, and to regain it easily if you stumble.

This week is not about what you want, but about who you actually are. From the inside out, without constant external re-inforcement. We will be focussing on how things feel internally rather than the constant absorption of external information. Feeling the external though the medium of the internal. Like knowing that it’s warm because you feel warm rather than because the weather forecast says so.

Having been held as a baby and as a toddler your systems are ready for the next stage. As teenagers we do this naturally, but in accordance with what/who is around us…like wanting to hang with the cool kids, and find others who are like you. This week is this same process but only using who you are, as if you are only needing to fit in with yourself.

Bring it on! xxx