Week Five


Live Call Recordings

Welcome to Week Five; You are an Eco-System. In this week we really look at how everything in your life fits together and how you got to where you are. Almost like an internal audit of your life, its components and how it all works and fits together (or doesn’t!)

A key theme this week is your orientation. What are you orientated towards, and how does this guide your life? Is what you are orientated towards is your true calling, then everything, even the difficulties, will feel in service to said orientation. 

This week is really about taking stock of your life and seeing what works and what doesn’t. This doesn’t need to be an aggressive look, and it’s not about apportioning blame, rather it’s a chance to stop, review, so that you can make choices about what’s in your life, and have it suit you, rather than you trying to fit in and suit a life that may not be made for you.

We also want to look at how you got where you are. Very often if we don’t like where we are, once we trace it back, we find that at some point we turned away from ourselves; we didn’t say what we needed to say, we didn’t look something square in the eyes, we took what seemed like the easy way out but has in fact led us somewhere we don’t want to be.

Let’s get an overview of your life, trace it all back, and turn back into yourself so that your life can be made out of you, and you can feel deeply at home in your life.