Week Four


Welcome to Week Four where we will be focussing on (drum role please)…relationships!

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Relationships are obviously a huge part of life and show up everywhere; from romantic relationships, familial relationships, to how we relate to our work, our life and ourselves.

And we, oh lovely one, will be looking at all of them!

So what do we mean by relationship? Ultimately we mean the connection between two things, be that you and your partner, you and your work, you and an issue. We are interested in the connection and how you engage with who and what’s in front of you.

We want to really explore how you relate and what your way of relating feels like to others, and where that comes from. I know that for me (Jade) I used to think I was saying “oh, I’m just going over there”, but what people heard was “I’m going there, you can’t come, leave me alone!”. Obviously there was a disconnection between what I felt and what I expressed, leaving me confused when my words weren’t received in the way I had expected.

 Likewise, Avanti used to feel that she was very clearly stating her needs, but what other people heard was a quiet suggestion that was easy to ignore, meaning she often didn’t get what she’d asked for.

None of this is to blame you or say that it’s your fault, rather we want to use this as an opportunity to dive deep into your relationships to see how you relate and if there is a more natural way for you to move through the world and navigate your relationships. So that your relationships can feel more honest and authentic, rather than a minefield to navigate around.

With this in mind, we encourage you to use the course and us as something of a case study, and look at how you relate to us, and then compare that to the rest of your life, for example:

Do you struggle to feel connected to us and the course, and is this reflected in other areas of your life?

 Do you want us to fix everything for you and find yourself feeling upset when we don’t, and does this show up in other areas of your life, in looking for someone else to fix it all?

 In emailing Avanti do you let rip and type what’s on your mind with little attention to how it will be received, or do you go so far the other way that you can’t feel your words because you’re so focussed on how they will be received, almost like it’s going to be graded? Does this show up in other ways of communicating?

Those are just three suggestions, so if none quite fit you I encourage you to sit it with it yourself and see how you’re relating to us, and how that compares to how you relate in general.

We also have an especially exciting healing this week, which we call Clearing The Relating Container. Last time we ran this course we found that we all had a relating container that dictated how we related, like it set the rules for our relating, and that it wasn’t always running optimally.

 We also discovered that we could clear it, and realign it to what would be natural to you! So we will be offering this clearing again, clearing and resetting your way of relating to what is natural and aligned with you. 

Something I’d like to remind you of is that when we focus on an issue it can often feel like it flares up and actually gets worse. Like when you do a juice cleanse and expect to be full of beans, but actually all the toxins start clearing and your skin breaks out. So, if you find this week that your relationships feel more strained or volatile, I would suggest it’s because you’re putting your focus on them and like the juice cleanse, the toxins are coming out. Hang in there! It will be worth it 🙂

And of course if you find everything goes perfectly and falls gently into place, then lucky you, and don’t feel that you’re not doing it properly!

So with that, here are the Zoom links for the week to come and we look forward to deep diving into your relationships!

Jade and Avanti xxxxx

Monday 21st Nov at 7pm-9pm (UK time)
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Thursday 24th Nov Q&A and Healing at 6pm-8pm (UK time)
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Sunday 27th Nov Healing at 11am-12pm (UK time)
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