Week Three


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Welcome to Week Three, this week is all about investing and letting go of the belief that you are wrong, that there is something wrong with you, and that you are not good enough.

The belief that we are intrinsically wrong is such a biggie in our society and holds us back from  joyfully expressing ourselves, loving fully and living our lives.

Well no more!

If this week had an age it would be the teenage years, which for many of us were tricky. Many of us will have spent our teenage years focusing on what was ‘wrong’ with us – too tall, too small, too fat, too thin, too smart, not smart enough, and anything else we could find that hit on our feeling of wrongness.

Many of us were awkward and angry as teenagers, who rebelled and pushed against what we didn’t like, so this week is an invitation to re-do your teenage years as a happy, secure teenager, who can start to explore who they really are (rather than just what they’re not).