Week Two


Welcome to Week Two.

This week is all about your stuff – where it came from and letting go of it so that you can live as a free and expansive expression of the spirit you are.

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Thursday Q&A

Thursday Healing (clearing an issue)

Here is a video on this very topic that we recorded for a mini-course we ran, and thought it could help you get into this topic:

Sunday Healing


If Week One was about your babyness, this week is about your toddler-ness. We’ll be looking at your “I” and ego solidifying, and who you learn to be in the world. What you learnt you you needed to do be loved, the early patterns you picked up, and the beginnings of feeling wrong.

Wants and needs will also be a feature of this week – what you want and need, what you do to get your wants and needs met and what how it feels when they don’t get met.

Many of us have complicated relationships with needs and wants. We might have learnt that we are not allowed to have what we want/need, so we either go without or find convoluted ways to get what we’re looking for. In many cases we either become filled with insatiable needs and wants, or become so disconnected that we think we don’t want or need or anything.

This week we want to really get into your stuff, what you did/do to feel loved, and your relationship to wants and needs.

There’s nothing wrong with having needs, or wanting to feel loved, what we want to do is tidy it all up so you can clearly, cleanly and honestly get your needs/wants met.

We will also be with the context in which you grew up, particularly your family, and what you learnt was ‘normal’ and the way to be. Few of us had perfect childhoods, and we generally take the distortions and oddities we learnt from our families with us into adulthood, which isn’t always a good thing!


And as ever the Morning Quickies will continue in the Facebook group and be uploaded here

Lots of love,

Avanti and Jade xxx