All of you is welcome here.

It’s not a grammatical error and by ‘here’ I don’t only mean that you are welcome to my brand new website, although that too is of course true. I mean that I invite you to pause for a moment and allow all of you, your whole self to be welcome, right here, right now wherever you may be.

There are the gloriously shiny bits of you, your natural talents and the abilities you’ve learned. There’s the child in you, maybe the sibling and the parent, the friend and the advisor, the expert and the helper. The kind parts and the loving parts, the bit that scrubs up well when you make the effort. These parts arrive easily. They’re used to being welcomed.

But how about the other parts? The bit that sometimes drinks too much, or was mean to someone they cared about, the part that didn’t feel like going to work today, or the part that doesn’t like to admit it has a bit of a penchant for porn, or for staying up too late and eating food that isn’t good for you. Welcome to all these parts.

Welcome to the part that can’t be bothered, that would rather sleep, that avoids conflict and then seethes inside. Welcome the part that is resentful in relationship but stays with it because ‘better the devil you know’. Welcome to the parts that you suspect may be bisexual, the parts that feel awkward and shy, especially when meeting new people, the part that wants to leave your job but it’s too much trouble.

Welcome to the parts that don’t have a clue what they’re doing, that strive for unrealistic perfection, the bit that judges you and everyone else. The parts that don’t have enough money, joy or love.

Welcome to those extra pounds that make you feel fat, to the nagging health conditions that you ignore in the hope they’ll go away. Welcome to the jealousy and the trauma, the pain deep inside you that you make sure never comes out, and the fear of being rejected.

Oh yes my friend, all of humanity can be found inside you.

And it’s all welcome here.