Foundation Course – Day Three – You are not Wrong!

Now that you’ve got a tool to work with your stuff and soften it, I’d like to introduce a tool to really get to the root that underpins many of our issues.

The fundamental issue that I come across in almost everybody in the Western world is the feeling that we are somehow inherently wrong, or not good enough. It holds us back and distorts our lives like nothing else.

We are so taught and conditioned to believe that we are in some fundamental way wrong, and not enough, and we then spend our lives trying to cover up and hide our perceived wrongness, and in doing so hide our spirit.

Your spirit never feels wrong or not enough, so when the little bugger of wrongness or not enoughness raises its head, know that this is simply your mind/ego trying to protect you. I know it doesn’t sound that protective, but when you were little and you offered yourself to the world and got knocked back, something in you said “I won’t do that again” and your mind will do ANYTHING to avoid letting you get hurt again.

As I see it, right and wrong are not opposites, but dance partners. To avoid the feeling of ‘wrongness’ we tend to go one of two ways. Either we collapse and our chest goes concave as we pull ourselves away from life, or, we go the other way and stick out chests out and proclaim our ‘rightness’. I’m sure that if you start noticing this in others it will become quite apparent.

The opposite of feeling wrong would simply be not feeling wrong.

How can you freely live your life if you are locked behind a sense of being wrong or not enough? Today’s tool is again deceptively simple.

Imagine that you are putting a cloak around yourself and that the cloak is made out of the enquiry

“What might it feel like if I didn’t feel wrong?”

This enquiring nature of this sentence helps to bypass the mind as it’s not a direct question. It enables your system to create enough space so that you can get a felt sense of your own response. You are not looking for an answer in words but in feelings.

This question has the power to release you from the rightness vs wrongness dance. You are not wrong and do not need to hide or prove your worthiness. You, simply as you are right now, are enough.

So try it on for size and see how you go. How does it feel in your body? For many people it’s a huge relief, like the end of having something to prove, so I hope you enjoy this one.

With love until tomorrow
Avanti and Jade xx