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Today’s date is so very neat. 17 02 2017. It’s a beautifully sunny day and it’s also my birthday. I’ve had a mixed relationship with my birthday over the years. As a child it was far and away the most important day of the year to me, the only day I felt important, that I […]

A Truer Expression

Recently I’ve been thinking about where things come from, and the distortions that take place by the time we become aware of them. The deep yearnings of our soul start deep underwater, and by the time they have traveled the ocean and are expressed as a fleeting wave, the initial seed that started them can […]

I think, therefore I am not sure

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be in charge of our thoughts? Imagine a life where every thought you had was supportive, constructive, kind, useful and in service to your greater good. How do our thoughts work, and how can we get them on our side? About twenty years ago, I joined a group of people […]

Why inside out is so much more comfortable

When you were little and enthusiastically and freely offered yourself to the world the chances are that you frequently encountered rejection. “Mummy come and play with me” is often met with the many reasons why that’s not gonna happen. If you weren’t the cool, popular kid who always got picked first, it would be understandable […]

I’ve got a brainwave

Actually we all have brainwaves. All the time. And in the interests of spiritual meets science, I’ve just been and gone and had mine measured. I’ve often wondered what was happening inside my head while I’m working with you, and now I know. Turns out that large portions of my brain are asleep. And not […]