Foundation Course – Day Four – Relationships

Oooh, this is a big subject!

We’re not even going to try to cover the whole area in one day, but would like to focus on a fundamental aspect of relationships, at least we hope it is a fundamental part of your relationships! Love.

Pretty much all anybody wants is to love and be loved. But even bigger than our desire for love, is our fear of rejection. Because we’re so afraid of having our love rejected, we tend to send out a pseudo version of ourselves to test the waters. It’s like we’re made of rich, dark chocolate, but don’t want our rich, dark chocolateness to be rejected so we send out a little carob finger. When the carob finger comes back and reports that it wasn’t well received, we can almost feel relieved that we didn’t offer up our chocolateness.

This is from the perspective of the ego/mind, which as you will be aware by now, only wants to keep you safe. Love on the other hand doesn’t think you’re in any danger anyway, and just like everything else, only wants to do what it says on the packet. Love just wants to love.

So today we’re gonna invite your love to flow, just as it wishes to.

The first thing to do is to locate your heart chakra, right in the middle of your chest. If you were to run a finger down from your throat until you get to the little dip in your breastbone, you’ll be in the right place. Once you’ve located your heart chakra, give it some attention. Give it a little rub and notice how it feels. It may feel lovely and expansive, tender and sore or anywhere in between. Spend a few moments here, give it a little massage and let yourself connect with this part of your physical form.

Once you feel ready, think of one person that you know you love. They can be dead or alive, or it can even be an animal if that’s easier for you. Now begin to let your love flow towards them, this one person. Don’t worry about whether they are receiving it or not, you have no jurisdiction over that, so it’s not yours to concern yourself with.

Now let yourself feel as if love is coming in through the back of your heart, behind you and out through the front, flowing through. Your only job is to direct it.

Once you feel comfortable with this, allow the love to expand to others in your life. We usually have circles with the most intimate relationships on the inside and casual acquaintances further out. Begin with those who are closest to you, and gradually expand your range until it eventually includes everyone. Over time, as you get used to doing this, you may find yourself walking down the street loving everyone that you come across.

It is harder for some than others to receive love, it’s almost like they’re in a wetsuit in the ocean and no matter how wet the water is, it doesn’t get in. Ironically these people need even more love. So again, please don’t concern yourself whether your love is being received, your part in this is simply to let it flow. You don’t need to tell anyone you’re doing this, it’s purely between you and your love.

Sending you an endless flow of love until we see you again tomorrow.
Avanti and Jade xxx