Foundation Course – Day Five

So today we have another big subject for your delectation.

You may well be aware that everything is connected, but often the way that things connect is not entirely obvious. The way I see it is that you are an eco-system made out of a number of different parts. There is your body, mind and spirit and then there’s your life. It’s all part of one big movement.

We inhabit many circles within our eco-systems. There’s the circle of your family of origin, the schooling you had, the area you grew up in, the country you grew up in, your friends, your family, your work, to name but a few. As I see it, these circles look like cogs, and the one cog turns the next and so on. If there has been trauma or difficulties in any of these areas, it can cause the ‘cogs’ to stop turning. It’s fairly easy to understand that if we had difficulties in early relationships with our caretakers, a version of these issues can show up in our more intimate relationships later on. But sometimes it’s less apparent and depending on the whens and whys of our circumstances non turning cogs can make it difficult to find fulfilment at work, or make it difficult to buy a house, or even to remember what we’ve done with our keys. There is no obvious logic to this, everyone has a different map in this regard.

Our cogs can get stuck either through something that went on for a prolonged period, that impacted you drop by drop, or by a big challenging event. Anything that you were unable to process at the time. Often, even if the issue was longstanding, there will be certain pegs that we use when we think or speak of it that illustrate the situation.

Today’s exercise is to begin to get the cogs moving by revisiting and comforting the part of you that got stuck, with the intention of collecting this part of yourself, taking it out of the situation where it got stuck and bringing it into your life now. Very often we grow up to become the person that we needed but didn’t have when we were young.

You will close your eyes, and recall yourself as you were in a difficult scenario. Let’s say for example that you remember being a child crying yourself to sleep every night. Imagine that you are sitting with the crying child that you were. Bring your presence to the scene, and let your child know that you are there. If it is possible, take the child’s hand and offer whatever comfort is needed. Then gently and gradually bring the child you, into the now you, collecting the child and taking them out of that situation, and bringing them into your current world.

This particular exercise is not a quick fix. It may need to be done several times, going a step further each time. There is no rush, and not a moment spent doing it will be wasted. Each time you visit this exercise will build upon the last. The point of it is to take the part of you that has got stuck, out of the situation they are stuck in. This is a way that cogs can free up and start moving again.

As we were recording today’s video, Jade was doing the exercise as I talked us through it. When we’d finished I looked over and saw that she had tears streaming down her face. It is very deep and immensely powerful. Do it patiently and gently, and don’t do more than can be done at any given point. If something was powerful enough to cause your cogs to stop turning, chances are that it was a big deal and needs to be addressed with utmost care and respect. Listen to what is needed and take your time with this one.

With unstuck love
Avanti and Jade xx