Foundation Course – Day Six – Sovereignty

Sovereignty is being your own person, listening to your own voice, knowing that you know what you know you know. When we feel lost we tend to want to defer to someone else’s wisdom. We look outside ourselves for answers and so don’t become acclimatised to using our own wisdom, in our own lives. We’re not suggesting that you go to the opposite extreme and never take on external advice, but rather than you run it through your own system and use it if it feels appropriate for you.

The same applies to everything we’ve said in the videos this week!

We recognise the truth when we come across it, and it brings us solace and relief. So why not listen to your own truth, however it shows up for you.

Today we will begin orientating you back towards your own knowing.

The first thing that is useful is to have a sense of what Yes and No feel like to you.

Let’s begin with YES.

Everyone gets a particular feeling when their YES comes from deep within. It is different for everyone but tends to have a feeling of expansion or brightening. For myself it feels like a forward moment, as if I can go forwards unobstructed with plenty of space ahead of me. For Jade it feels like a lot of space in her chest.

So think of a question where you know that the answer is yes, like asking if your name is your name. So for myself I ask “Is my name Avanti?” You can also simply ask yourself what YES feels like to you, and again you are looking for a felt sense, not necessarily words as your answer.

And then let’s move our attention to NO.

Again, the feeling will be different for everyone, but is likely to have a sense of contraction, or dulling. For me it’s the feeling of hitting the brakes, stopping, for Jade it’s a feeling of constriction in her chest that makes it hard to breathe.

To find out what it feels like for you, ask yourself if your name is something you know it isn’t, like Pigface. And then notice the feeling that arises within you.

Keep practicing with things where the stakes are very low. It’s a bit much to expect your system to respond to big questions like “shall I spend the rest of my life with this person?” if you’ve never used it before. Start simple, with something like shopping for apples in the supermarket. Pick one up and see if you get a sense of YES/NO to that individual apple, then move on to another one. As with all the tools we’re giving you this week, practice makes them better.

There is another way to get a yes/no answer, this time from your body. I didn’t make this one up myself, but in case you don’t know of it, it’s worth mentioning. I believe there is plenty of info about it if you do a search on google. It is a kineseology technique called muscle testing, but we are using the whole body as the muscle.

The Lean Test

You stand up, feet securely on the ground, drop out of your head into your body and ask yourself a question you absolutely know the answer to: is my name ……say your name.

Notice whether you move forwards or backwards.

Then ask if your name is, let’s say Pigface again, and notice how your body moves.

Once you get a base line for your yes and your no, you are free to practice this technique whenever you need to. The only proviso I would give is that every time you use it, you re-establish your baseline yes/no by asking about your name.

And this brings us to the very final exercise that we are offering you for this series.

Again, it’s deceptively simple, can be done anywhere and feels so very lovely.

Simply put the palms of your hands together, whether in a prayer position, or like you are holding hands with yourself. Breathe gently and simply begin to say your own name as if it were the most precious sound. It helps to restore balance within you, and is especially useful if you feel a bit lost or insecure. Or drunk and not wanting to be!

Thank you for joining us this week. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you.

Loving you
Avanti and Jade xxx

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